Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I stopped editing at 3:25, jumped in the car, and managed to get to the bus stop just as the bus was arriving. Jimmy, our neighbor, got off, and then the bus started driving away.


Where’s my little girl? The driver stopped next to me and said she wasn’t on the bus. He pulled forward as I got ready to call the school, but then he stopped and said he was calling the school. I parked and he had someone check the school, and then other buses. I couldn’t imagine where Kendall might have gone. She wasn’t around, so I thought maybe one of the Girl Scouts was messing with her and she got on that bus.

My heart was beating a little fast, and I had a touch of panic. She was on the girl scout bus, and so I went to wait for Delaney since we’d burned 10 minutes figuring this out. I called the leader, and sure enough, this was the meeting week. They’d moved it because of Thinking Day this weekend. I wasn’t ready, but someone reminded Kendall.

So we left early to go get her, get Delaney a shirt for his TSA trip, and then karate. Not the night I was expecting, but it worked out. Glad that Kendall was Ok.

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