Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pushing, but not too hard

I was tired tonight. I’d planned on getting to karate since I have some travel in the next month and I feel like I’ve missed a lot lately. Delaney was gone to his school trip, but Kendall wanted to go and sell Girl Scout cookies. She kept asking from about 4:45 on when we were leaving, so I had it in my mind to go.

But I would have been happy to jus lay around with her and read, watch the Olympics, and chill out tonight. With Tia gone this week, I haven’t slept well, and stayed up too late. I know I shouldn’t, but I struggle unwinding when she’s not around.

However I pushed on. Last night I felt the same way, but that was Delaney’s only day of karate this week with a busy schedule. I try to keep pushing, setting a good example for Delaney, and pushing both of us.

But not too hard. We skip some nights when it’s a rough week or two, trying to find some balance between getting better and stronger, but not overdoing it.

It was a hard class, but it felt good. After about 15 minutes in the class I felt great and was glad that I went.

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