Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Am I working too much?

The other night I was tired, a few long days, early mornings with the kids, and slightly wired, but needing to rest. My wife was alseep, so I blogged a bit, watched a little TV, and then turned out the light about 10:30.

I lay there, and for some reason, about 10:50 or so, I woke up. I was pretty sure I hadn’t scheduled a newsletter. It just occurred to me, so I grabbed the laptop next to the bed, fired it up in the dark, my eyes 2” from the keyboard trying to type my crazy 10+ letter password.

I checked, and sure enough it wasn’t scheduled. I did a quick schedule and test, and then went to bed. Strange that I’d catch it that late at night, but glad I did.

Some days it pays to have the laptop next to the bed. I might not have gotten up if I’d have to go downstairs to check that computer.

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