Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good News

I had a conference call today, starting a short while before Tia was heading to the doctor for a reading of her CAT scans. I didn’t expect to finish early, but we did for some reason and ended about 5 minutes before her appointment. It’s 15-20 minutes down there, but I took off, hoping to catch her, and expecting to since they appointments haven’t gone fast.

I got there just as the surgeon was walking in and talking to her. So I went back and he had better news than we expected. We’d looked at the films and tried to make sense of them. I thought they showed some healing, but not a lot. He said that was right, but it was enough healing to not be concerned. There’s no point in stimulation or surgery as the bones are grafting, but he did say to avoid straining them.

So good news. Things are going OK, just this fracture is slow to heal.

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