Thursday, February 4, 2010

Late, but not too late

I woke up at 6:48 today, way late for the school routine. I hadn't set the alarm last night, and I'm surprised that I actually made it up. I went and woke up Delaney, and he jumped up, grabbing socks, shoes, packing a bag and coming downstairs. Kendall was already up, playing a game on the iMac, so I quickly cooked some eggs in a breakfast burrito, wrapped them up just as Delaney appeared with his planner to sign and assembled some pretzels for a snack. We packed his bag just as his watch alarm went off and made it to the bus.

Back home with Kendall up, she had oatmeal and Kyle came down, already up with a presentation for school. He was dressed up, khakis and a collared shirt, looking pretty snappy. We followed him through the gate and then made the bus, arriving at the stop the same time as the bus.

All by myself, and all three kids to school on time. Yeah!

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