Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silver Medal

Delaney spent the last few days at the Colorado State TSA competition in the Tech Center. He left from school Thursday, rooming in the hotel for two nights with other kids from school. Tia and I went to see him briefly on Friday, but we missed one of his events and couldn’t stay for the other because we needed to get Kendall.

Yesterday I went to pick him up, watching the award ceremony where one of his 3 entries earned him and his teammates a silver medal.


It’s kind of cool, with middle schools and high schools all over Colorado submitting entries in any of about 30 or 40 areas. Delaney did a castle ballistics entry where they built a trebuchet. It didn’t work well enough, but that was his favorite and he has some ideas for next year. He also did a video about being Green, which got them the medal, and entered a model of a possibly energy generator using water and magnets.

It was a cool event, and he looked pretty good. I’m hoping there were some pictures of him in a tie Friday night, and am looking to track down more photos.

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