Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to Massage Envy

I was working my way through the backlog of massages I had at Massage Envy, but I got off track with our vacation. I am trying to get them down to a reasonable level, and then plan to cancel my subscription. I like them, but I could go less often, and it would be nice to lower some bills with Kyle heading to college next year.

Today I decided to get back on track and booked one this morning. I had a new therapist, and she was tough. That or I had more knots in my back then I expected. I let her work through them and endure the pain. I suspect that after karate tonight I’ll be sore.

However she was thinking ahead. She gave me a bottle of some epsom salts and said to try a hot bath. I might do that after the kids go to sleep.


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