Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stiff, Sore, and Happy

I went to karate tonight for the third night in a row. I gave Delaney the choice to go tonight or tomorrow, hoping that he’d pick tomorrow, but he didn’t. Mass Effect 2 had come out, and he’d saved enough money along with a birthday gift card to go get it. So he wanted to head out early and stop by GameStop.

I was finishing work, feeling tired, eyes aching, and didn’t want to get up, but I told Delaney we’d go early. Not in the mood to cook, we left extra early and got Chipotle for the kids before hitting GameStop. I was hoping we could wait in the car, but it’s a 17+ game, so I had to go in and agree that Delaney could buy it. Nice to see him pulling out his gift card and then counting out the money to pay $60 for the game, which he swears will be “awesome” given how much he enjoyed Mass Effect.

Then it was off to karate. Deep breaths, and a little stretching beforehand got me ready. The warmup was hard, which it always is during a test. The nice thing is that class is about 15 minutes short for those of us not testing. I struggled to get going, but once the sweat started, I felt better. We had a nice pace of drills in the middle of class, no self-defense tonight. Last night I struggled to stand up after going down with sore knees. They don’t bother me when running, but up stairs and getting off the ground is hard right now.

The last 15 minutes I watched people test, glad that I didn’t get picked to help out. I think that I got a break since the sensei knows my legs are sore. People did well, and it was good to see some friends advance.

But I was stiff. I didn’t kneel during testing since the brace on one knee is uncomfortable and the other one will hurt if it’s on the floor. So I stood at attention, watching. When we went to line up at the end, I was surprisingly stiff in the hips and knees. That standing still doesn’t help me.

So now I’m tired, a little sore from 3 days of karate, and definitely stiff. Time to get Delaney to bed, a hot shower, and then try to hit the sack.

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