Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Searching Pays Off

Delaney had wanted night vision goggles for Christmas, so I got some. However he wanted the goggle version, and silly me got the binocular version. He was rather disappointed Christmas day, even though the ones he got here better technology. However they weren’t cool. They were like this:


you have to hold them. He wanted goggles, that work like this:


Hands free.

So I checked online, and there were only a few places selling them. And all of those places wanted $130-160 for a pair of goggles. The places that still listed these are for sale were sold out, having them out of stock. The only place that didn’t say out of stock, was Wal-Mart, but they didn’t have any online. Only in stores.

These were $50 goggles when they were released, and so paying $140 for them seemed silly. Especially when real ones are $300. Wal-Mart did show a few stores nearby stocking them, but couldn’t ensure they were there. I’ve been making it a point to walk around the toy section as I visit different Wal-Marts over the last week, but the 2 I’d been to only had the binoculars.

Until today. I headed up Arapahoe Rd after my massage to check that one, almost skipping it, and found multiple pairs there. I grabbed one, and Delaney got his gift, finally.

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