Friday, January 1, 2010

Three in a Row – MVP Renewed

I woke up this morning, late, after a great New Year’s Eve with friends. Too tired to get out of bed, I grabbed my phone, intending to check the Twitter verse and post a few “Happy New Years” messages to friends. The first thing I saw was a series of congratulations for Brian Knight, my business partner, friend, and owner of Pragmatic Works. He’d been renewed as an MVP for the many-ith time, probably 10 years now, and so I added in my congrats.

I also saw a few fellow MVPs from SQLServerCentral getting awarded:Tim Mitchell and Brian Kelley, both very deserving. So I fired up mail on the iPhone and checked to see if I was included.

I was pleased, and honored to be recognized again. I’m an MVP again for 2010, and so I can attend the MVP Summit in February. This is my third year in a row, and it’s nice that Microsoft recognizes those of us that spend a lot of time in the community talking about, and supporting, their products.

My roommate, Allen White, will be pleased that he doesn’t get stuck with some strange, annoying XBOX MVP instead. We’ve roomed together for 2 years at the event, and I always enjoy seeing Allen. We get together a couple times a year, and I look forward to seeing him in a couple months.

Congrats to all fellow MVPs that were awarded, and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you as well. For those of you putting efforts into helping the community, keep going. There is a lot of competition for the award, and a limited budget for recognizing people.

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