Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Cleanup

Puttering around the garage this afternoon I ended up cleaning up a bit. I had wanted to get a few things done, but I kept getting vapor locked on projects. I did start by fixing the doggy door, adding spacers to support the frame, which was loose, as well as move it away from the wall so that we could easily put the block in to prevent the dogs from leaving.

But then I couldn't get started on anything. I was going to work on the miter stand, but I need some solid wood that's about 3/4" or so thick and I didn't have anything close. I also didn't feel like resawing a 2x4 to get the thickness. That's what I should have done, but I didn't want to set that up and I don't have a good fence for resawing.

So I thought about cabinets, made some measurements, but couldn't decide what to do. I kept looking around, thinking about things, but I wasn't able to decide what was a good project. I almost started on some melamine cabinets, but the pieces I have aren't think, and I was hoping to get some wider, 18" cabinets on the wall instead to store things. I ended up spinning in circles, partially because I didn't want to pull out a bunch of wood and work on something this late in the day.

However I did clean up a bit more, and I ended up getting the bandsaw on the mobile base so that I have a bit more space to start getting organized as well as a bandsaw I can move around as needed.

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