Friday, January 8, 2010

Hybrids are Popular

Is that really what people want? At least in the US? This note talks about how KPMG surveyed executives and while biodiesel wasn’t on the list, hybrids and electric power were. They seemed to think that was the important thing to focus on to make sales.

I wonder if that’s true. Is this a case of the industry focusing efforts in an area that may not be that popular, but raising awareness and using advertising to influence people? Or is it really what many people want?

It’s a hard thing to decide. Looking at many businesses, and reading about them, it seems the line between success and failure is often a good amount of luck. So many executives guess at things and steer the company that way. If they succeed, they’re smart. If not, they’re fired.

I like my hybrid, and it has some great qualities, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra $$ for many people. Especially if you don’t drive a lot. So convincing people to spend the extra $$, is that good for consumers and what they want? Or just good for the auto industry?

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