Friday, January 8, 2010

The Laptop is Back

I finally got my laptop today. I had to drive to the local Shell gas station to get it, but I was happy to since UPS helped me out. I had called yesterday and complained and the local office called to let me know it was coming. At 6:40pm, I had to leave for karate, frustrated that it hadn’t arrived.

I know my local driver pretty well, and we’ve become friends. I’ve even been to his house for a party, so I had assumed he was off the last few days. Instead he called a little after 7. His route had run long and when he drove by, our gate was closed, so he left me a message that he wouldn’t send the package back (this was the third attempt), but to call him.

So I sent him a text this morning, worried that he might be driving and not wanting to call. He called back and said today was his day off, but he had called the other driver and she would be swinging by the local gas station on her way out to other deliveries. I said I could go by, so I drove up there and met her. She got me the package, and it was great to finally get the laptop back.

Kudos to UPS for the extra effort, and that’s where business is more than just work. It’s a relationship and I appreciate the help I got. I owe Kent a few beers.

I got it back, and had to spend 5 minutes walking around to find my AC adapter. I haven’t used it since Dec 2 when I sent this laptop back. I powered it up and got the wonderful Vista setup screen.

Thanks Toshiba, for wiping my drive. I had copied off the data, but now I have a project in front of me that I wasn’t wanting. I ran through and left it at the “Checking Windows performance” screen since it looked like it would take awhile and I wanted to run.

I’ll go check it now and see if it actually works. And if I still have my 320GB drive and extra 2GB of memory or if they’ve removed that as well.

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