Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Long Day

Got a lot done for work, but not quite enough. I also ran to town to get an oil change over lunch, thinking there might be a chance I’ll ski tomorrow, but I forgot my wallet. Luckily I had a little $$ in my pocket for gas and a couple groceries, but that’s annoying. Might need to actually wait until Fri to ski so I can get that oil change.

I think I’m almost caught up from a week of being gone, but not quite. A few more things and I’ll then be back to pushing things forward and getting my pipeline going. I definitely need to get there as I have a presentation or two I need to work on and time is getting short. I have some travel in February, so I need to get going.

I almost feel normal today. Getting back onto Denver time has been hard, with my schedule messed up and feeling worn out at different times. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, but I’ve been struggling to get through each day at some point. Nothing a couple more nights of sleep can’t cure, though now I realize that Sat will be a little busy with kids. Most likely no one will want to ski on Sun :(

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