Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book #12 – Dark Pursuit

511H-BW5zvL._SL500_AA240_[1] I grabbed this one from Amazon’s top seller’s list because it was free. I was searching out a few new authors to try, and this one was rated high, so I grabbed it.

Dark Pursuit is interesting, especially the way it starts. A prison scene, a prisoner talking with a psychiatrist and all of a sudden there are strikeouts of words. At first I thought that the author had done it themselves, leaving in some edited portions of the books when they formatted it for Kindle. I almost left the book at that point.

However I kept going, and it turns out to be part of the story. The opening is a scene in a book that one of the characters is writing. He’s the “Master of Suspense”, an author that had written 99 novels, very popular, before he got in a car accident, and now he struggles to write.

There’s also his estranged grand-daughter, who stumbles on a body in her apartment and immediately thinks that her boyfriend, a patrolman, is a serial killer, and this is his third victim.

From there it’s a suspenseful couple of days as the granddaughter flees to her grandfather, and they reconcile, trying to find a way to trap the boyfriend. It’s well, written, and enjoyable. I read it quick, and it was definitely worth the free price for the e-version. It would be worth buying as well, if you prefer paper.

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