Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Keyboard Down

I don’t know if they’re making them cheaper and shoddier or what, but it seems that I’m going through a keyboard or two every year. I used to have one that I’d keep for 2-3 years when I got the big old, heavy duty beige ones. Now these cheaper ones die.

How am I typing this? My wife gave me hers since she was done working for the day. That and I slammed my hands onto my keyboard, hitting it and making things on my desk jump. It was really, really, annoying me.

It started right before vacation, sending constant spaces to the keyboard. I thought it was a stuck key, so I messed with it, and tapped the space bar a little hard. That seemed to fix it, but this week it’s been doing it on and off. Having spaces start sending at times has really messed me up in a few places. Especially as I tend to highlight things and copy them. A space sent at the wrong time has cleaned out some my work.

I’d had enough just before I hit the keyboard this afternoon. So now I’m off to grab another one tonight. I’ve had 2 expensive ones and 2 cheap ones in the last couple years and there doesn’t seem to be any difference so I think I’ll go with another cheap one.

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