Monday, January 11, 2010

Choir Concert

Kyle had a concert tonight downtown at the Performing Arts Center in Denver. Since we don’t know how many more he might have, and since he wants to move out in May, we wanted to get the family down there to see him. It was a joint concert from a number of high schools, and included orchestra as well as choir.

Our plan was to go down there and watch some of it, but get the little kids back for bedtime. We wanted to meet Kyle beforehand and have dinner, but traffic slowed us down and we ended up sitting with him for a few minutes before he had to leave for the concert prep. We also found out that the kids had gotten rides down there with the school, but they had to get their own rides home. So we had to watch the whole thing.

I had visions of the little kids falling apart, but they actually enjoyed it. It was a little long, but while the orchestra was playing, Kendall was entranced, actually recording some of it on her DS. I tuned most of it out since I’m not much of a symphony guy. I did listen when the choir sang with Kyle, but once the stringed instruments started, I shielded my iPhone with a hand (we were in the nosebleed sections) and read through the rest of that concert.

It was a nice hall, and I wish that I enjoyed the music more, but to me it’s background noise. I’m just not thrilled with most symphonies.

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