Sunday, January 17, 2010

Go For It


I was listening to the Jets /Chargers game today in the workshop, thinking that the Chargers would pull away, but they never did. So I found myself rooting for the Jets to somehow come back. They did, took the lead, and with 2 minutes to go, the Chargers pulled within 3 and kicked off.

I ran upstairs.

This was going to be a good finish and the Jets just needed one first down. I got up in time to see a 2nd and 10 play that netted 3 or 4, and then another run on 3rd down that got them to a 4th and 1. A timeout ensued, and I listened to the announcers talking about it. A long, but makeable field goal, but if you miss, the Chargers have a minute and the ball on the 36. A punt, but how much further can you push them back from the 28. You could easily end up with a touchback, and a net gain of only 8 yards. Or, with a great running attach, you could go for it.

I watched as the debate continued through a timeout, and then the Jets went for it. That’s big boy football, ending the game on that one play, a fourth down run that got 3 or 4 yards. At that point I didn’t care because the Jets had won.

I thought it was cool, and exciting. This was the game I expected to be easy for the Chargers. I thought the other games would be hard, but they weren’t. Most of the other games were one-sided, even the low scoring Colts/Ravens. I taped the Cowboys today, and watched some of it, but I think it will be a disappointing game for me to get through as the Vikings killed them. At 2:00, I was sure this was going to be two #1 v #2 matchups next week, but it wasn’t close. Instead we have a great Vikings/Saints matchup, where I think it’s great no matter who wins, and a Colts/Jets matchup that should be all Colts, but you never know. I’ll tape them and see how they go when I get back.

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