Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Books 1-5

I didn't do a good job tracking my reading last year, and I regret that a little. I might go through my online reading and note them somewhere, but I decided that I'd keep track of things for 2010. So here is where I stand so far.
  • Alex Cross' Trial - Started in 2009, finished Jan 1
  • Dauntless - The Lost Fleet #1 (reread)
  • Fearless - The Lost Fleet #2 (reread)
  • Courageous - The Lost Fleet #3 (reread)
  •  Valiant - The Lost Fleet #4 (reread)
I'm into Relentless, the Lost Fleet #5, which I've read once and this is my second time. I've had a lack of connections for most of the time, so I haven't been able to get new books and decided to just reread these. I did get a few more, and Tia finished a paper one I want to read, so I'll move on those once I finish the Lost Fleet series again. That one is really exciting to me.

A good start to the year, and I wonder if I'll read more this year with a few more writing commitments.

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