Monday, December 28, 2009

The running streak application is off!

When I hit one year I downloaded the membership application from the US Running Streak Association and filled it out on my laptop. It asked for a total of miles run, and I didn’t have a good total since I had tracked things all over the place. So I started to compile things, but got distracted with machine issues.

When I sent off my laptop recently, it struck me that I might need to do a new application. Fortunately I found it synced up on my desktop and finished filling it out and compiled my mileage. It was over 500 miles for the year, which was cool.

Today I finally got a stamp and mailed it off. I’m not expecting to get on the active streak list until Feb since it’s so late in the year, but look for me there.

The Active streaks – I should be 220 when I go up, with my streak starting on 9/10/2008.

There are also retired streaks, where I hope not to be for some time.

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