Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold but profitable

Today was one of the annual fundraisers for the Boy Scouts up at Bass Pro Shops. We went to the spring one, and we had another weekend scheduled again today for the boys to set up out front and cook hamburders and hot dogs, brats, and sell them to customers coming in to or out of the store.

Delaney struggled to get up, but this is his way of earning some of the cost of Scouting back. The boys get a percentage of the profts into their Scout account, and it can pay for summer camp and other events. We had been assigned to purchase a canopy this week, which I did yesterday, and we drove it up there this morning, North of Denver.

I was a little worried as it was supposed to be cold. We had hats and gloves, but with the sun shining, and it getting into the mid 30s, it wasn't bad. We stood out there, selling things and working with other scouts and Dads. Delaney worked the popcorn for awhile, then moved to Brat assembly, and did well, but when 2 came around, he was ready to leave. We'd signed up for a half day only, and I was cold as well, so I was happy to leave.

We did walk around BPS for awhile, but managed to escape without spending any money. Now we have a break for a few weeks and then we go back up there the day before Christmas to help wrap presents and earn some tips for the boys.

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