Monday, December 21, 2009

Rock Band - Sold

I’ve been interrupting Delaney on the XBOX to play Rock Band for a few weeks. I could get him to play sometimes, but most of the time I was just annoying him. Kendall will play with me, and we had fun at a Christmas party, so I decided to move to the Wii platform. Most of those things are wireless anyway, and the cords are a pain, so my plan was to get a Wii version and sell our XBOX version.

Step 1

I searched around, and found someone selling the Wii version, sans guitar for $80. I couldn’t find it for less than $130 around the Internet, so I decided to grab that one online. It ended up being $100 with shipping, and arrived earlier this week. Everything worked, and I picked up a guitar with Guitar Hero V for $60, so I was $160 in.

Step 2

I listed the XBOX version on Craigslist and got a bunch of spammers, and one guy interested, but he must have pinged a few people as he’d found another when I called him back. I was thinking to move it to eBay after a couple days, but I had a guy ping me today. He said Wal-Mart had the set for $90, so would I take less than my $90 list price. Sure, what the heck, it’s for his kids and we agreed to meet tonight. Since I was out his way, I packed it up and took it to him, selling it to him for $60, so I’m $100 in to the new platform, and I think it’s great.

The Wii store makes it easier to find songs than the XBOX one and wireless is fun. Now we just need to get some people around and have some fun. Christmas Eve looks like a good time with people coming over.

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