Sunday, December 13, 2009

An extremely quiet day

After our Rock Band session, Tia and I went up to rest a little. She was still tired, as was I, so we lay down, the Broncos on TiVo and talked for awhile. It was good to sit there and spend time with my wife. At least until she fell asleep. She drifted off and it was still nice laying there with her hand in mine, but not as nice.

So I watched the Broncos get beaten up a little by Indy. The kids watched TV and played KNEX, I fed them, and started getting ready to run. As I dressed, the Broncos made a game of it, so I watched a little until they let Indy score a late touchdown and take a big lead.

Then a run, finish the game, eat a little leftover lasagna, and now we should be decorating the tree. A quiet Sunday at the ranch.

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