Monday, December 7, 2009

The Bowl System

Once again the BCS is set, and we have five match ups of the top teams. I'm not necessarily for a playoff system, though I'm not opposed to it either. I think it can work, but I don't know it solves everything. I don't know it can go to 8 teams, but if it does, maybe most people will be OK.

But given the current system, which does a good job of #1 v #2, why can't we also make it easy to get the other seeds set. I would think we'd be playing 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6, etc. Instead the non-BCS teams, TCU and Boise State, playing each other.

Don't get me wrong. I think that will be a great game as both these teams can put up points, but why matching them up with each other? I think TCU especially, ranked 3rd or 4th,  should get the chance to play Cincinnati and prove they are worthy of the BCS.

It all comes down to money and I think the reason we don't have a playoff is the money isn't right for the non-BCS schools. We need a better way to ensure that all these other schools still get bowl games and get exposure, and funding, from their efforts. The issue with doing a playoff earlier, and maybe even Bowl games earlier, is that people might not watch them. Or go. I suppose we could put games the week before Christmas and a few between Christmas and New years, and then start a playoff, but if we were to start a playoff, say next weekend or in two weeks, who would watch the other bowl games?

It's a tough thing to manage and for now, I think the way things work is the best way. Already the stretch of the championship game from Jan 1 to the 7th or 8th is too long. I'm done with CFB by then and worried about the NFL. They should go back to all the games, or most of them on Jan 1, then maybe a +1 game the next weekend if they really want it.

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