Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Better every day

I went with Tia this morning to the ortho for a follow-up appointment. This was the worst one yet, with us waiting in the room for almost an hour before we see the doctor. That’s  problem in US healthcare, and I chalk some of it up to  lack of interest and caring on the part of staff’s, most of whom don’t make any more money for seeing more patients, or having any satisfaction. It’s not like this is a big office with that many rooms, and there’s a separate X-ray tech for half the people, so why the wait?

I was especially peeved since we didn’t stop for coffee on the way there and I was hungry. I thought this would be a 15-20 minute stop before we went for breakfast together.

So the doctor rotated her wrist, pressed on it, looking to see if there was tenderness and what the range of motion was. He thinks its still limited, but wasn’t sure it was ready for PT. The bone wasn’t necessarily healed, but he decided to wait another couple weeks before taking another X-ray and checking how it looked.

We did get to IHOP afterwards, and I felt much better with some coffee and food.

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