Sunday, December 20, 2009

I did it to myself

Tia got new teeth for her harrow thing, and I said I'd help her replace them. The box they came in was full of heavy iron pieces and we didn't want her straining. I thought it would be as simple as removing the cotter pin and bolt from the old ones and slipping the new ones in.

It's not.

There is a bar that the cotter pin and bolt hold in and then the teeth are held in with a nut and bolt. It was windy, and a little cold, so I carried them back to the garage thinking that the workbench and vise might help. They did, but this thing has been outside for 2 years, and the bolts were hard to move, and the nuts almost impossible to loosen. With each one in the vise, I was able to loosen 4 of the 5 with the aid of some WD-40 and some elbow grease on an adjustable wrench. One wouldn't come loose and I think might need to be cut off.

However I was straining a bit, and I managed to pinch a nerve in my neck. Very, very annoying, and it hurts. At least I got a few things out of it.

It didn't keep me from getting the cart I was working on almost finished, and a place for my bar clamps, but it did mean that I wasn't up for wrestling with large pieces of plywood and trying to get another cart going. Didn't even want to lay them out and start measuring and marking.

Now I think it's time to lay down and try and relax the neck.

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