Monday, December 7, 2009


I got up, started the truck, and drove Delaney down to his bus stop. It was cold and icy, with my weather station reading 2.4F again this morning. I think that might be the lowest it goes since we got in the truck and it read 7 when we started, going down to 0F as I waited for the bus.

I came home, said good-bye to Kyle, and got coffee ready. I was just getting back to the office when the phone rang and Kyle came on the answering machine. He was stuck, off the road in the neighborhood. I packed up, and headed down the road in the truck. I thought he had missed the turn and slid off into the ditch beyond the road. It's not a deep ditch, just a foot or so down, but that's plenty to get his car stuck.

Instead he had slid off the road before the turn, so I'm guessing he just drifted to the side of the road and slid down enough to get stuck. I didn't see a hookup in the back of his car and was worried about slipping on the ice, but I hooked up close in front and easily pulled him loose, letting the truck idle forward and get him out. Tia had said to wear snow pants, which I didn't, and had to kneel down to connect and disconnect the tow rope, but it wasn't bad. Only outside for about a minute total.

I followed him out of the neighborhood, where the roads were much better. Hopefully he'll be OK moving around to and from school.

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