Friday, December 18, 2009

Half Days

The kids had half days of school, which is OK, except that we don’t know when the bus is coming. I asked the school when it ended for Kendall the other day and then guessed at the time for the bus today, but it was still late.

Delaney told me when his school ended, but he was wrong, and his bus was really late, so I ended up sitting there for about 45 minutes between the two kids. Delaney was especially annoying because I dropped Kendall off at home and then ran back to get him, not taking the time for a rest room break. I didn’t want him walking home in the windy, 36F weather. Ended up wishing I had taken the time since I was waiting a good 20 minutes for him.

At least my wife is home. Tia caught an earlier flight and got back around lunch time.

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