Sunday, December 6, 2009

On Tour

I woke up first this morning to a quiet house. The kids were all gone at friends or relatives and it felt strange. I made some coffee and was going to watch some Sportscenter upstairs, but Tia was still asleep and so I decided to watch downstairs. I kicked on the TV, hoping to see the Texas-Nebraska game from last night, which had a great ending. It was slow to come up, so I decided to kick on the XBOX and play a little Rock Band. I'd been trying to get a tour going and unlock more songs for us, but haven't had a lot of time. And it's hard to motivate kids to play with me.

So I was down there solo, playing a little guitar on medium, nailing some 100%s and a bunch of high 90s. I unlocked two new cities and a bunch of songs and venues. It was a nice way to spend an hour this morning before Tia woke up and came downstairs, recruiting me for some horse chores on a cold morning. We were supposed to get snow, and we got a couple inches, but it wasn't too bad out ther. Cold, but very little wind and so it wasn't bad as we fed hay, heated water, and I had ot pick out some ice and snow from hooves.

That's a new one for me. I helped Tia clean out hooves recently, but it's not really something I like doing. It's a little scary having my face anywhere near the hoof. Tia holds them up, which is all she can do with one arm, and I have a little metal pick that I used to scrape out the hoof. There's a couple grooves in there and I have to push down and dig out snow, ice, and manure. Gemeni was actually walking a half inch or so above the ground on his front hooves, so we picked things out. He immediately went outside, came back in, and had more ice on the hooves.

The solution? PAM. Tia keeps some in the barn, and so I scraped them clean again and sprayed PAM on the hooves, which keeps snow from sticking. Kind of amazing.

I'm not ready to trim hooves, but I have a new skill that hopefully I won't have to do too much. Not sure I can do it myself, either.

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