Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 9

It was the ninth day of skiing for me this 2009/2010 season, and that’s going to be it for this year. Delaney and I headed out today for another ski day. We had planned to bring Kendall, but when I woke her up (8:20) she was tired, said she was sick and didn’t want to go.

So we headed up for a long day, getting stuck in traffic both ways. There didn’t seem to be accidents, just a lot of traffic, so we moved along at 40mph or less for some good stretches. Still it wasn’t bad up there. The forecast was 22F, some snow flurries getting an inch or 2 and 10-20mph. Instead it was cold, but very little snow, and almost no wind.

We had a good time, getting in 5 or 6 runs throughout the afternoon before heading back as it got colder. The sun tried to peak out, and we got a few pictures, and some video, which I’ll work on tomorrow. Here’s the start of the day


and one of our early runs.


It was a good day for us, no real issues or spills.

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