Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Soup Kick

With all the cold weather I'm on a bit of a soup kick right now, trying some new ones. I love the Creamy Tomato Bisque from Safeway, but they were out of it the other day, so I grabbed a few chunky soups, including a chunky tomato, and then grabbed a Safeway Coconut Red Curry Chicken Bisque.

I had the latter today and it was excellent! I'm debating having a second bowl now, but I think I'll hold off until tomorrow or tonight for the rest of it.

I love the fire roasted tomato soup at Paradise and I searched around for a recipe. I actually found a few and sent them to myself in email, but I must have deleted them because I couldn't find them when I was at the store yesterday. I need to search them out again and save them for my next trip.

I also want to make some bread. I had some great dark bread the other day and it's hard to find it in the stores. I got some multi-grain the other day, but it wasn't as good. I want to start making some, and soup, as I'm working once I get my laptop back.

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