Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Under Repair

I’m glad I called Toshiba last night. When my laptop died on Sunday, and never came back Monday, I wasn’t sure what to do. I searched through all my folders, but couldn’t find a warranty item and when I checked the Toshiba site, it said I was out of warranty.

So I pulled the drive and copied things off it onto my desktop, getting copies just in case and so I could continue working. Then yesterday I called Toshiba in the afternoon to get a price for a repair. After all, a new laptop would be in the $1500 range and I wasn’t sure what my boss would pay. So I just thought I’d compare and then decide.

Turns out I have an extended warranty that wasn’t showing up on the Toshiba site. I have typically gone to 3 year service plans, just in case, for machines, and I was pricing that into a new laptop. I figure that I need things fixed in that time frame, and after 3 years I’d just get a new one anyway. This one is 2 years old, so it would be good to get through 2010, or most of it before buying a new one. Seems like Quad cores are just getting into new machines, and I’d like to go with one on the next laptop.

So I got an order going, and drove down last night to ship out the laptop. It should arrive at Toshiba tomorrow and then we’ll see how long it takes to get it fixed and back. In the meantime I’m moving forward with more setup on the desktop to be sure I can work.

I sure do miss working from bed with the laptop, however.

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