Monday, January 19, 2015


It was some kind of exciting yesterday for Kendall's volleyball team. And stressful for everyone rooting for the 303 National team.

Once again things were running late. We arrived at 2, ready to warm up soon and play, but the 13's were just starting their 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th place games. We watched the 303 12s playing for 3rd against 13s. They lost, but we cheered them on as we like the coach. She coached Kendall for part of Nationals last year, and we regret not getting Kendall playing at 12.

Our team was seeded 1st. Since we hadn't lost a game Saturday, we knew we'd be first or second. However still cool to be seeded at the top.


We were playing the 8th team, a team we'd beaten handily the week before. We were hoping this would go quickly, but you never know. Kendall got in the first game, playing middle again.


It was a hard game. We went up, but then made mistakes and they caught us. The same actually went down to the wire, a 25-22 or something similar. It was surprising for all of us, though our girls didn't crack and played hard. They won, and then won the second game more handily.


Kendall had a good game, though she was tentative with her hitting. After seeing her hit hard during warm-ups, she plays safe when points are on the line. She had a blown serve, but overall we were proud of her.


I took lots of pictures with Tia's camera, and need to try and get those uploaded later today. Parents were all asking, as we girls. They reviewed pictures during the break, which was long. We had to referee the next game, and then had to sit the third game while some losing teams played in their bracket.

Tia and I had a nice walk during this time.


The second match was against White Tiger VB, who plays in the facility next to us. Actually, 303 rents two of their 6 courts and we practice on one. In this one, Kendall played well, making plays, and the girls again, kept things close.


Both games were closer, and we kept thinking they might lose one, but they didn't. They played well when they needed. They made mistakes and let the other teams get close, but they won both games, stressing out everyone watching.


With the win there, after 8, we had another break. I was about to get something to eat, but they asked for a line judge volunteer. Girls usually do this, but a couple teams had gone home, a couple were playing, and we wanted out girls resting.

Tia had a nice chat with coaches, while I went to referee. It was long, and my legs were tired from standing. Fortunately the games were semi-lopsided and I wasn't there too long.


The last match was against the #2 seed. Colorado Springs Altitude, who are a division 3 team. We were division 5/6 for the first Power tournament, but we were probably low.

We started strong. Going up 6 or 7 points and getting excited. Kendall had started with the team, and it was so exciting. Altitude came back and we went back and forth for most of the game, with us up 2-3 points. We won handily, once we got to 20. One down, one to go.


The second game was tough. Kendall didn't play, but she was involved, exited with her team. We went down by a few and we were chasing them until about 10 points. Then we seemed to fall apart, going down 10-18.


At that point, we were expecting a third game. The coaches had switched setters just before that point as the first girl was struggling, though it hadn't made a big difference. We managed to stop them and switch to a new server, little Lexie. She's one of our defensive players, and a great server.

She served well and they made a few mistakes. Suddenly it was 18-15 and they took a timeout with our girls jumping for joy.

We made more points, they made more mistakes and struggled. We traded serves a couple times, but we made ahead at 21-20 and they were dejected and upset. I could see their girls falling apart and their coach struggling. He took another timeout as we were ahead 22-20 and I felt bad for those girls.

We never looked back, winning 25-21. Our girls were so excited, all of them running on the court to celebrate.


Two tournaments, two wins. This one undefeated, not even losing a set. This weekend, 6 matches, 6 wins in 12 sets.


Kendall was hoarse from yelling, as were most girls. They were so excited, and she said as we drove home that she loved this team. This is way better than last year, even though that team was more talented. She'd rather play second team with a group of girls that really like each other, get along, and work together. No individuals apart from the team.

An exciting weekend, though long. We got home at 11 and were exhausted.

Two weeks to the next tournament, and we're already excited.

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