Monday, January 5, 2015

Last Day of Vacation

Today was the last day of Christmas break for Delaney and Kendall. Kyle's got another couple weeks off, but we decided to snowboard one last time before school hits. Kendall was held back to ensure she heals, so it was just the boys and I.


A slow drive up, and when I stopped in Idaho Springs for a conference call, it was 50F. Yikes!

Fortunately, when we got to Copper, it was high 20s, and nice.


We started on blue/blacks on the East side, going up a couple times before moving to the middle and then the East. We got over the top above the Sierra lift, and it was really windy. We had fun, going quickly as everyone is fairly experienced now.


We even had a great rainbow behind us a few times and I got some pix and video.

A good day, and we had fun. Nice weather, no one got hurt, and an easy trip up and back.

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