Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The BMW X5 Initial Test

While Kendall and I were at the Lexus dealership, we saw a couple X5s there. One gas, a 2007, and a diesel, a 2010 or 2011. Both looked good, with just minor differences. I wanted to try the diesel, since I like the idea of better mileage and better torque getting around.

We drove it, Kendall in front with me. It’s wider than the RX, which is nice, and has a nicer finish inside. It also has me sitting more upright than in the RX. I can see better, and I tend to like that.

It also has a huge sunroof. One that’s similar to my old Trooper. It must be 6+ square feet, and it has a second piece of glass behind it that allows more light into the back. Under it is a motorized cloth cover, so that you can block the sun if it bothers you.

The X5 seems to have better pickup and more power than the RX350 we drove. It rides similarly, though since I’m sitting up, it’s not quite the same. The X5 uses a touch more gas per gallon or less if it’s diesel, but with the cost of diesel, I think things are wiped out.

However I enjoyed it. I think the X5 is still on the list of cars to consider.

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