Thursday, January 22, 2015

Barbell Strength

Another tough class at the gym tonight. With Tia taking Kendall to volleyball, and me at my desk most of the day, I decided to hit a class. They had a Barbell Strength, which I've been wanting to try. It uses a barbell and an aerobics step,but really it's weight lifting for reps.

It started out with a warmup, not too bad, and it felt good. Lots of squats to start, and I could feel myself working. However, when we went into chest, my arms were getting tired, and then pushups made me take a break. We tended to work different sets of muscles to failure, lots of shoulder work with upright rows, back rows, and side lifts.

I was exhausted pretty good by the end and I struggled just holding planks with tired shoulders.

A good class, and glad I went. Also, realize I really am out of shape.

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