Monday, January 19, 2015

The Early Morning

It was a lazy morning Sunday. We didn't get back from Kendall's tournament until after 10 and we were tired. Tia and I got up, after Kyle collapsed in our bed after work. We decided to just feed ourselves since we had to leave by 1:15 and we weren't sure he'd be up.

It's been a long time since I went out to drop hay, which I've been glad about. It was a good day, no wind and warm, so I went out to help Tia.

Photo Jan 18, 11 43 17 AM - Copy

I've started trying to take a daily picture of myself, so I took a couple today.

Photo Jan 18, 11 42 07 AM - Copy

17 horses takes some work. It took us about an hour to get hay into all the feeders and fill water. I'm glad Tia has hired someone.

It was neat to get to see the feeders. I've built most of them (maybe all), but they've been modified by Tia's employee to make them work better. However they've held up well. This is one of the original ones, with plywood on the sides. It's got to be 18+ months old and doing well. A successful project.

Photo Jan 18, 12 15 22 PM - Copy

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