Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Changing Teams

I got a somewhat disappointing call last night on my way back from the gym. The manager of the Cannons, the team I've played baseball for during the last 4 years, called to let me know he doesn't have a spot for me. I missed last season with my knee surgery and we got a new manager. Some turnover, and really only 4 players I'd played with from the previous year.

I'm glad he called, and I'm not upset, but it was a tough call. I've enjoyed teams for years, and only switched once. My first team, for whom I played during the first 3 years, was very competitive and they always had 12-14 people at a game. That meant I only played about half the time. Don't love that.

Since then, I've been on three teams, but it's really one team where the manager and name evolved over time. After 7 years, I took last year off and missed playing. I was looking forward to going back this year and playing again, though a good friend was retiring from the game.

However that's not the case. I don't want to be stuck with a team with too many people and sent a note to the league this morning telling them I'm looking for a team. I noted I'd rather play than win, so we'll see. I got a note back from the President saying he'd send my information to managers.

I can't make the tryouts, and don't think I need to since I've played before. If I remember this when I looked for a new team years ago, I'll go into the draft with all the new players and people without teams and get selected somewhere.

Fingers crossed it's a team with 11-14 people, since I think that means we'll get 10-11 per game. That's what I'd like to play for, even if we lose every week.

Now to start throwing…

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