Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Car Search–2010 Tahoe

After stopping by the Chevy dealer for parts, I decided to look at their used car lot. I found a couple of Tahoes for sale and a Cayenne. I decided to pop in and test drive them as the snow started coming down.

One Tahoe was 110k miles and older, but the second was nice. A 2010, 80k miles, for $24k. Not a bad price, and certainly a nice truck. An LT model, leather, rear DVD entertainment, heated front seats, sunroof, a nicely equipped truck.

It’s similar to the 2001, but updated a bit. The controls are a bit more modern, and the seats are firmer.  As I drove it, it’s similar, but lighter than the Suburban and tighter. No rattles, and it felt good. Overall, it feels like a slightly upgraded version of what I have.

This wasn’t a great truck, and I’d like to see the LTZ and decide if that fits better. It’s still a possibility for me, so I’ll keep it in mind as I drive more cars.

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