Monday, January 5, 2015

Book #2 - The President's Henchman

518Mp-mJQQL._AA160_I got The President's Henchman through Kindle Unlimited, but it was so good that I bought the next one. It's a twisted, turning mystery mixed in with politics and one that I really enjoyed. It was slow to start, but after 40-50 pages, I was hooked.

There are numerous stories going on and we jump from one to another across chapters, which drives me to read. Sometimes I'm really enjoying a plotline and it changes. I have to try and resist not racing through another chapter to try and get back to the plot I like.

Patti McGill is elected as the first female President of the US. Her husband, a former police chief, comes along, but doesn't want to sit around. He gets his PI license and sets up shop in DC. We get some background that he's struggling to find clients as he has to convince lobbyists he won't take retainers to present their demands to the President.

We have the President dealing with her job, and worrying about McGill, who only has two secret service agents. Her first husband was killed by anti-abortion protesters who wanted her to vote their way. They still protest against her, and threaten McGill's children from his first marriage. We also have McGill getting a case from a reporter that's been brainwashed.

As if that weren't enough, we have a young lieutenant investigating an adultery charge. The stories in the book are disparate, but slowly converge in places and weave together. It's a wild ride that reminds me of a complex Clancy book.

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