Saturday, January 3, 2015

2001 Suburban Fixes–Parts and Diagnosis

The idle has been strange in the Suburban, so I stopped by the auto parts store and had them read me a code from the system. It showed two things: a bad throttle sensor, and an exhaust system leak. I’ll need to get smoke test for the exhaust, but I can do the throttle sensor myself.

It’s too cold to do that today, but I’ll try tomorrow to replace it.

I also went by the Chevy dealership to see about my actuator latch. The guy said he didn’t sell it, and I’d have to buy the entire assembly. He also told me it wouldn’t be close to the online price from him, so I’ll go online if it comes to that. He was nice, and he also had a suggestion.


He said to take off the broken piece and then use lots of epoxy to bind them together. I can file down anything that sticks up, and it might actually work for awhile without buying a part.

I’ll try that tomorrow as well.

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