Thursday, January 1, 2015

Book #1 - The Atlantis World

atlworldBook 3 of the series, Atlantis World is much more the sci-fi thriller than the medical one I started with. The plague is over, humanity isn't losing it's intelligence, but Kate and David are still in the ship of Gibraltar. Kate is going through memories, and they are killing her, causing nose bleeds and exhaustion. David is worried and joins in another vat, coming out hurt himself, but better they Kate.

They rush her to surgery, and worry, as David realizes more and more how advanced the Atlanteans were.

Meanwhile we have Ares and Dorian in Antarctica consolidating forces and eventually causing floods around the world. Ares sends Dorian to try and stop Kate from reaching the Atlantean beacon in space and sending a message.

The book really gets wild, with pursuit through portals to beacons around the galaxy. Slowly through memories that Kate and Dorian experience, we find our more about the history of the Atlanteans and what is happening. It's mind-boggling and creates quite the story. Not sure it holds together, but it was fun to read.

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