Friday, January 23, 2015

Book #5 - The Last Ballot (Part 1)

lastballot1I don't like books split like this, but there's a ton buried in here and I can see why it's this way. This is Jim McGill #4 and it continues on. As you might have guessed, the Last Ballot is referring to the Presidential election. We don't see it here, but we do get to it in part 2.

Here we have Dr. Todd escaping the CIA with a couple of killers. It's somewhat crazy how it happens, but McGill is warned and gets worried. As if that's not enough, Kenny, his son, has Leukemia and they are searching for donors, one of whom turns out to be the President.

Burke Godfrey is back, having declined to be arrested, he barricades himself in his ministry, daring the government to get him out. We also get a new character, Hugh Collier, nephew of the billionaire owner of the Fox News like network. They're determined to take Patti Grant down as she announces new rules for the upcoming election and tries to change America's government.

And of course, we have the newlyweds, Welborn and Kira.

It's a crazy ride, ending with a cliffhanger that almost forces you to buy book 2. It did for me.

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