Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Car Search 2006 Cayenne

I was surprised to see a Porsche Cayenne at the Chevy dealer I guess they get traded in, so I shouldn’t have been. While looking at Tahoes, I asked if I could drive it.

$20,000 for a 2006 with 66k miles on it. Not many miles, but a little worn inside. A new move from another dealership and with the weather and holidays, it hadn’t been detailed. It looked it, and some wear on the steering wheel.  It also stuttered slightly when driving. Not a ton of power, and not a great ride, but not bad. Certainly if I were interested in this car, I’d have to get a mechanic to check it out.

The interior is nice, though many of the controls didn’t make sense. Not intuitive, and I’m sure I’d need to learn where things are and how they work.

A nice drive, and still on the list. I’ll drive another, but I wasn’t blown away.

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