Monday, January 5, 2015

The Auto Fix - Rear Latch

I took the suggestion from the Chevy dealer and took the two plastic parts from the actuator latch into the living room yesterday. I mixed up some 2 part epoxy (I need more, I love this stuff) with gloves on, and then applied it generously to both sides. I held them together and tried to glob more on the sides, but they wouldn't stay together. Eventually I just put a bunch on one side, rubbed the connecting surface in more, and then held them together.

It wasn't hard and I spent about 10 minutes with them together before they held. The hardest part was not pressing too hard on the pieces. I then set them on a bookshelf and let them cure overnight.

After skiing, I took things down and it felt solid. I screwed the assembly back into the liftgate and tested it. It held and let me lock/unlock the hatch, as well as open it.

We'll see how long it holds.

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