Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Auto Fix - Throttle Sensor

Last night I replaced the throttle sensor on the Suburban. The idle has been really rough, and this was one of the codes that the auto parts guy read. The process I followed was what the 1AAuto guys showed in this video. They do a great job, and there's not too much to add.

I will say that getting the Torx screwdriver in there necessitated me disconnecting the alternator and removing both bolts to move the alternator to the side. Apart from that, it was really only about  15 minutes to replace the sensor.

The car was hot, so it started right up with an even idle, but not a good test. It was also 50F outside, so it wasn't a good test.

This morning it was 30F, and it started right up. A slow, even idle around 800, but when we started to drive after 2-3 minutes, the idle dropped. Might be more of an issue with the exhaust system, but so far it's running slightly better.

On the downside, I added another item to my list. Trying to pull into the garage for light and more heat, I knocked the top trim of the garage a little with snowboards (forgot they were on) and then broken the passenger mirror getting out. Ugh.

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