Friday, January 16, 2015

Sympathy and Half Practice

Tia suggested I email all Kendall's teacher's yesterday. She's missed some work, has headaches, and is stressed over homework and testing. I sent a note to each one and almost all teachers responded. It was good to have them send some work over to us and all said they'd work with Kendall as much as possible.

Kendall went to volleyball last night, but it was only a partial practice for her. She dropped out a few times, and I thought the coaches would pull her, but she wanted to go in to the last drill (baseball) and they let her. Afterwards she said she might have pushed a bit hard, which is worrisome. A little torn on how we manage her, but I do think her moving a bit is good, as long as they're no contact.

We'll see what happens on Saturday. It's a two day tournament this weekend, luckily it's in the afternoon and at our club's facility, so it's familiar and shouldn't make it too late a night.

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