Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book #4 - Tall Man in Raybans

tallmanI tried a different Joseph Flynn with Kindle Unlimited: Tall Man in Ray-Bans. It's a completely different character, but similarly wild stories woven together.

Here we find out about John Tall Wolf. The story is sometimes in the present, sometimes in the past, so you have to watch the titles. The early parts of John's life are mixed in with a mystery, and it gets confusing, but near the middle I figured everything out and enjoyed the book.

A body is discovered and it's suspected that it's a bank robber from decades ago. Still wanted, the FBI comes in. However John Tall Wolf, Bureau of Indian Affairs, claims some jurisdiction as well.

The book is a mix of John tracking down whether we have a dead criminal or someone else, while the FBI and local police try to work around him. I didn't love it at first, but I grew to enjoy the story and near the end, couldn't put it down.

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