Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book #2–The Hangman’s Companion

41CeLp352OL._AA160_After reading The President’s Henchman, I was hooked and immediately got the second book in the series, The Hangman’s Companion. It’s a bit later, and the President heads to London for the G8 Summit. McGill comes along, but goes to Paris when a former Chicago cop he knew is being held for murder. We know he didn’t mean it, interrupting a man abusing a women by the Seine and accidentally killing him, but the man was a soccer star. And the women has disappeared, so he’s in trouble.

Back at home, Deke is recovering from being shot and the Secret Service can’t figure out who did it. However Deke’s Mom hires Sweeney to help and with her come Deke, Welborn, and more to investigate a problem in the Vietnamese community and the Catholic Church.

If you don’t know those people, read the first book. In any case, it’s another wild ride, with the G8 Summit, the Paris investigation and the Vietnamese case in DC all woven together and interspersed in the book. Along with this, Catie, McGill’s youngest, wants to be an actress and interrupts at times.

It’s a really wild ride, one that ends with a cliffhanger. This story wraps up, but I’m wondering what happens in the next one.

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