Monday, February 13, 2012


Here was Kendall on her last run at Copper yesterday:

Photo Feb 12, 2 57 58 PM

She got a snowmobile tow up from the West side of Copper and then a ride down to the Ski Patrol room where they iced up her ankle. We were coming down a slope, actually just turned onto a new trail, moving slow, and Kendall caught an edge somehow and flipped around sideways, her legs ending up with toes facing each other, bindings still intact. I’m not sure what happened, and it didn’t look so bad with us moving so slow. I helped her up, and she was laughing as I did, but then she was slow to come down. She said her ankle really hurt, and so we called the Patrol

Photo Feb 12, 2 42 10 PM

I get to ski a lot, so I sent Tia and Delaney up for another run while I waited with Kendall. Fortunately we were at an upper lodge, and she got hot chocolate while we waited.

At the bottom the patrol wasn’t too worried, but they did say we should have it X-rayed to be sure nothing major is wrong. We brought her home, iced the ankle, put it up, and elevated it for bed. She said it still hurt today, and wanted to use crutches to move around. With an air cast and crutches, I sent her to school since there was no swelling, and I suspect even if something is cracked or torn, they won’t do more than we already did.

So it’s off to get an X-ray tonight. I’m not sure how bad it is, and how much Kendall is playing it up, but we’ll see.

It was nice for the four of us to get up there, and get some runs in. The weather was sunny at times, and a whiteout at times, but a good day overall at Copper. Not cold at all.

And a fun trip home, with a long “Name that tune” session as we drove.

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